“Via simulation, Optiphore helped us minimize the overall technical risk and eliminate material waste thereby saving money.”

Vasilis Kostamenas – Technical Director

Kipselotexniki Metsovou (http://www.kipselotexnikimetsovou.gr/) has been producing classic wooden bee hives and their related equipment for over 35 years. In their recent quest to innovate with a polymeric basis upon which the bee hive sits, they employed Optiphore to assist with the design and analysis of their new product.

The main challenge was to try and minimize the used material without compromising the integrity and the durability over time of the structure. A big number of loading scenarios has been evaluated covering various use and transportation cases. The related topology optimization and static analysis where performed with the use of Altair Inspire. The end result justified the effort with an overall 20% reduction in mass while maintaining the desired mechanical properties.
Finally the basis had to be optimized for production by means of injection molding. This was no ordinary task and required close collaboration with the manufacturer for what is otherwise a pretty complex geometry given the large number of components that had to be integrated.