In the era of digital transformation of work, the use of remote or home office is gaining ground. This requires the existence of an isolated and autonomous workspace. This study aspires to best meet this need by offering a mobile solution that can be easily transported and installed anywhere securing energy and functional autonomy.

Optiphore has undertaken the complete CAD design and structural analysis of this container-like work space, focusing on the following requirements/characteristics:

  • Compatibility with the standard ISO container transportation system, on and off shore. The dimensions of the 20-foot ISO container as well as the locking devices for hoisting and securing have been maintained.
  • Structural integrity of the product especially during its transportation.
  • Versatility due to the many layout variants offered within a given, tight space (one or two peoples office, meeting room, cantina layout, etc.).
  • Energy and water saving capabilities with the possible adoption of sufficient insulation, photovoltaic arrays, battery storage, rain water collection and black/grey water storage systems.
  • Complete integration and harmonious function of the necessary subsystems ex. electrical, piping, HVAC, etc. within the rest of the structure.
  • Low cost thanks to the modular design of certain components that could create economies of scale as well as the use of standard of the shelve components for the various subsystems.

By using durable & environmentally friendly raw materials, a complete & inspiring proposal is provided: a solution for freelancers and other professionals of the modern age.