The results are something the entire team was very happy hearing, a 6 kg loss in weight is a big step for the frame.

Teun van den Einden – Structural Engineer

InMotion ( is a students’ team based in Eindhoven. InMotion’s mission is to make charging as fast and convenient as refueling of petrol cars. The team will showcase the potential of electric refueling by joining in the Garage 56 class during the 24 Hours of Le Mans with a fully electric endurance race car in 2023.

Optiphore is supporting InMotion’s efforts in various ways. In this case, the team was challenged with efficiently designing a number of brackets connecting a tubular frame at the rear end of the vehicle with the suspension links. Specific constraints were provided by InMotion, such as the fact that the resulting design should be manufacturable by traditional machining techniques.

CAD design, load cases, material information and other necessary inputs were provided by InMotion. Based on these inputs a design space was selected and Topology Optimization studies were set up in Altair Inspire. After some iterations, the results were interpreted and the new optimized parts were validated by structural analysis and finalized in a CAD design.