Pre-processing customization

CAE software customization, in particular customization of the HyperWorks suite, is one of Optiphore’s main competences. When it comes to pre-processing customization, by setting up efficient workflows and the corresponding user interfaces we ensure our customers can reduce lead-time while preparing and checking their models before running any analysis.

In this project Optiphore subcontracted for Altair Germany, with the end customers being European aerospace companies.

A solution is implemented for engineers to perform standard checks on their FE models while setting them up and also to review the results of these checks in a standardized way. Benefits of using this solution include time saving for performing and reviewing the aforementioned standard model checks as well as error minimization through a well defined step-by-step process. The implementation is performed in the HyperMesh environment (pre-processor) using Tcl/Tk programming language.